How do I enroll in Intergroup Dialogue?
Students self-select to enroll in IGD and must complete an online application to be considered. Administrators will place students in the course on Webstac.

Does Intergroup Dialogue fulfill any graduation requirements?
Yes, IGD fulfills the SC and SCC graduation requirements.

When will I find out my dialogue topic placement?
Students will be notified of their placement by the end of the fall semester.

Am I guaranteed placement in my first dialogue topic choice?
No. We do consider student preferences indicated on their application; however, we cannot guarantee this is the topic they will be placed in.

Are there any textbooks required for this course?
No. All readings materials for class will be available via Blackboard.

How is the course graded?
Grading is based on attendance and participation, journal reflections, a midterm, and final paper.

How many students are in each dialogue cohort?
Although enrollment may vary, each dialogue typically has between 10 and 15 students.

What is the time commitment for facilitators?
Facilitators can anticipate 5-8 hours a week to meet with each other for curriculum planning, debriefs, and administrative check-ins.

I have more questions about IGD- who should I contact?
Email Bianca Jyotishi at for any additional questions.